We all know that chocolate has almost magical abilities that make us feel happy. That’s why Atelier Upgrade has chosen to use exactly this irresistible temptation to make our handmade sweets.

Each of our delicious works of art is made of high quality chocolate. We can also make chocolates at customer’s choice (most often we work with Lindt and Milka).

The taste of each candy is additionally enriched with pepper assortments, cognac, coffee, hot peppers and many other magic by choice of our wonderful clients. Atelier Upgrade we also produce salted chocolate chips, which can also be enriched with spicy flavor, cognac and more.

It’s no secret that a piece of chocolate melted in a person’s mouth carries sensations that are even more enjoyable than a kiss.

Because thanks to chocolate, Atelier Upgrade creates the “sweetest” art!

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